Though begun in Africa, Helio East realized the opportunity to develop meaningful trade activity in China and Asia from the turn of the century and began working to lay that foundation. Today, Helio East is proud to offer its' clients a one-stop trading shop that can service their needs all around the world. Our consummate knowledge and experience, which ranges from some of the world's most challenging environments to some of its most luxurious, means there's little in international trade that we're not ready to handle. And Helio East's team of experienced international project managers ensure clients a profitable, enjoyable trading experience that they can build on for years to come.


Once an order has been satisfactorily placed, we move to ensure that the entire purchase procedure, including all contracts and terms of production and payment are put it, and remain in, the right place. For particularly large orders, we also offer comprehensive legal consulting to ensure that all regulations are carried out to a T.


Because Helio East maintains an in-house team of qualified international trade specialists, we're able to handle all aspects of your trading needs with maximum efficiency and minimum down-time. This means we can offer our clients maximum convenience and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that experienced professionals are covering their orders.


Our streamlined operations, strong local presence and healthy business relations enable us to keep our own costs low while ensuring maximum efficiency for every transaction. The result is that we can generate meaningful savings in terms of both money, and time and pass them on to our clients. More time, more money; what every trader desires most!