From the dawn of the 21st Century, the word “sourcing” has largely been synonymous with China, including all its opportunities and challenges. At the same time, anyone who's ever worked in China knows how essential it is to have a strong presence on the ground. Helio East's team of local and international trade experts enable us to navigate China's rapidly developing and often unforgiving trade environment with relative confidence and poise, follow clients' orders from the moment they're placed until they're received. At the same time, ever-changing market demands may require on-the-fly modifications and adaptations to suit other markets you hope to trade in. Such flexibility and rapid response time can only be carried out by a team of on-the-ground professionals who maintain open lines of communication and healthy working relationships with vendors and manufacturers. At Helio East, we pride ourselves on these strengths.


Paying careful attention to our clients' needs, we tap our extensive network of tried-and-true producers and vendors, online partners and personal relations to find the right manufacturers at the right price. Our qualified team maintains an open interface with said partners to identify problems before they occur and ensure that our clients are satisfied. 


Adaptability is essential to survival, and to success, and for Helio East it's one of the key engines driving our growth. To meet the nuanced demands of markets around the world, we offer a team of engineering and design consultants to advise, adapt and modify products to satisfy customers wherever you plan to trade.



From the moment an order is placed, our QC experts go to work, following the order and conducting inspections upon placement, mid-way through production and, again, prior to shipping. To ensure quality control, we maintain close working relations with numerous vendors and factories throughout China and around the world.